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Lately, I been very sick so I ask for your patience as I might not be able to ship your order on the same day it is placed. 

Besides the one medicine Elipta, it seems that I'm allergic to man-made Niacin which was prebscribed by the doctor, all the symptoms for an allergic reaction dovetail so I have stopped taking Niacin and after three days I'm beginning to see improvements, no itching, headaches, dizzines, or nausea on the third day. This bodes well, for some of the other symptoms may takes a while to go away but I'm hopeful, the symptoms are headeaches, dizziness, feeling faint, out of breath, itchiness, swelling of the feet and others symptoms which I displayed  while taking Niacin hopefully will start going away.



Postal Holidays with no shipping possible.

At http://files.k5nwa.com/tpp you will find data and application notes on the current parts and parts I'm considering adding to this website. Right, click on the file of interest and select save.


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