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Some bad news, after trying multiple times to upgrade this site all attempts have failed with 100's of error so this site will most likely go down in a couple of days, and I will have to migrate the data to the newly created website which is totally different. All data will end up having to be updated manually so with my health issues it will take a while.

Today 11/30/2019 I succeeded in exporting the product data to a humam readable form a .xls file  so I will have the data to enter into the new website.

In the meantime I will switch the site to use PHP 7.1 as soon as they delete PHP 5.6 which may have some issues but will be around for a while so I can have time to get the new site ready. It may work it might not, but it will be worth a try.


12/03/2019 - We are still here, I guess they have not gotten around to update the server that this site is on yet. Making progress on the new site, many of the features are being tested and working such as shipping, discounts, order control, categories, etc. Now I have to flesh it out add more shipping methods, update the shipping cost, add more discount structures, and add more parts.

This will take a while, I have my good days and my not so good days but progress is being made.about

12/12/2019 Still here, maybe they have had a lot of major comments obout the impact of their actions.


Steps that I will need to take with the new site.


  1. Make sure sure that shipping is correct.
  2. Make sure all charges are correct.
  3. Start entering all the parts and discounts, at this point the site can go live, then as time permits more and more parts are added. I will enter the parts most popular to least popular order.


My ISP website provider is updating their server PHP software on 12/1/2019, there is no option so this website will not work after the upgrade. I have little energy but I will have to work in that case to bring up the new site as soon as possibIe



Future New site



Postal Holidays with no shipping possible.

At http://files.k5nwa.com/tpp you will find data and application notes on the current parts and parts I'm considering adding to this website. Right, click on the file of interest and select save.


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