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Some good news, I'm taking a new medicine to help with the breathing and it seems to be helping quite a bit. Hopefully I will not develop an allergy to it but it just started kicking in and I can now breathe a litttle better. Better is relative so I still am not functioning at a decent energy level.

My ISP website provider is updating their server software on 12/1/2019, there is no option so this website will not work after the upgrade. I have little energy but I will have to work in that case to bring up the new site as soon as possibIe

I will be working this week to upgrade this site's software to the latest version to eliminate the problem since that may be the easiest way to go. If that does not work then I will work on the new site, but that means this site will be down unitl the new site is ready.



Future New site


I will be soon adding USPS Global Express Shipping due to customers request.



Postal Holidays with no shipping possible.

At http://files.k5nwa.com/tpp you will find data and application notes on the current parts and parts I'm considering adding to this website. Right, click on the file of interest and select save.


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